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  • Power Generation

  • Renewable Energy

  • Automotive

  • Motorsport

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services and capacity 

  • CNC Turning 

Up to Ø380mm x 825mm long with tailstock support.


  • CNC Milling 

Up to 1270mm x 510mm machining travel, although larger components can be mounted to machine.

4th Axis Rotary Table with Tailstock support.

Trunnion Fixture to allow machining of multiple angled faces in one operation.


  • Manual Turning 

Up to Ø450mm x 2.5m long with tailstock and steady support.


  • Manual Milling 

Endless capabilities from our machine shop standard Bridgeport milling machine.


  • Surface Grinding

Up to 150mm x 455mm grinding area.


  • CAD/CAM 

Able to program from CAD model for both CNC Milling and Turning, or use as a reverse engineering tool to develop CAD drawings for worn or damaged parts where needed.


  • Finishing Processes 

Can manage and supply most Heat Treatments, Coatings and Plating’s where needed to finish a customer`s requirement.


  • Additional Capabilities 

We work with a close network of trusted suppliers to increase our machining capabilities and capacity where needed.

Larger work outside of our own capacity can be managed. Services such as EDM machining or Cylindrical Grinding that we currently do not offer, can be outsourced and managed to offer a complete supply solution.

Image by Simon Caspersen

other services

As part of the Wearside Rewinds and Services Ltd group, we can offer additional services from group supply, such as:

  • Motor rewinding and reconditioning.

  • Industrial gearbox maintenance.

  • On-site diagnostic, including laser alignment.

  • Electrical diagnostic and maintenance, including on-site requirements.

  • Drain jetting with no-dig repair and pressure washing.

  • General building and plant maintenance.

Electrical Work